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Koreans calculated age and birthdays differently by counting the number of lunar years since a person's birth, rather than the solar years used in the western calendar.

Kimchi is important Korean dish because it is a 맛있는 and 오래된 traditional food of Korea.

Many Koreans attend a Christian church because it provides an opportunity to connect with a spiritual community and to practice their faith in a meaningful way. Here is a brief contrast between Korean Buddhism and the Christian faith in Jesus:

Korean Buddhism

  • Originated from ancient Indian Buddhism.Focuses on spiritual enlightenment and escaping suffering through practices like meditation.
  • No belief in a creator God.The universe is eternal, without beginning or end.
  • Life's goal is to escape samsara (rebirth) by attaining nirvana (extinguishing of desires and ego). This is done through spiritual effort.
  • Buddha is considered an enlightened teacher, not a savior or object of worship.
  • Salvation is through personal effort and good works, not divine grace.


  • Centers around the person of Jesus Christ as savior and mediator between God and humanity.
  • Believes the universe was created by God, who is eternal and loving.
  • Humans are sinful by nature and unable to save themselves through good works. Only Jesus's sacrifice on the cross can redeem people from sin.
  • Salvation is attained by God's grace through faith in Christ, not by human effort or rituals.
  • Jesus rose from the dead, proving he was God incarnate. He alone provides the way to eternal life with God.
  • Calls for loving God and neighbor, forgiving others, humility, and moral living in gratitude to God.

In summary, Korean Buddhism relies on self-effort to escape suffering, while Christianity sees humans as sinful and needing salvation through Christ. Buddhism does not believe in a personal God, while Christ is the divine savior in Christian theology. The faiths have some ethical similarities but core theological differences around God, Jesus, salvation, and the afterlife.

Some 인기 있는 Korean food items to prepare for Chuseok celebrations are songpyeon, jeon, and tteokguk.

Korean cosmetics have become popular because of their high quality and 최신 트렌드를 따라하는 ingredients.